Crash course driving schools exist to provide the potential motorist with the chance to learn everything they need to know at one time and in one place in order to go through the licensing process to drive an automobile in the United Kingdom. Such courses can be offered during an intensive weekend full-day training program or over the period of a week, at the end of which a driving test can be taken. Driving crash course programs focus on the most essential road skills, therefore they can be beneficial to drivers who have been court mandated to re-take their motor license test or those who wish to 'brush up' a bit on their driving skills.

Driving crash course schools cater to those who are short on time. This does not mean your education in motor vehicle operation will suffer for it so take a good look at the local offerings and see what times and dates will work best for you. Next check out things such as licensing and business reputation; licensing means what sort of operator license you can learn to take the test for at the facility and reputation can be found on a variety of forums as well as word of mouth. For online research into a company there are review sites as well as the Better Business Bureau which will sometimes rate non-members alongside members if there are complaints. Ask family, friends, or colleagues about their experiences - especially if someone you know has been to a driving school.

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